Travel information

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus is the only legal and recognized Government on the island – member of the European Union (EU), as well as member of the United Nations (UN) and other International organizations. Travelers entering the Republic of Cyprus must travel via the legal ports of entry. Legal airports are Larnaca (airport code LCA) and Paphos (airport code PFO), which are situated in the area under the effective control of the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

If you require an airport transfer outside of the dates included in the conference fee, you can opt to use either a taxi (estimated cost 50-60 Euro for a journey of approximately 45-50 minutes) or an airport shuttle shuttle bus (details below). Note that the airport shuttle bus stop is not direct and will require a taxi/bus to reach your final destination.

Airport Shuttle Bus

Airport shuttle connections from/to the airports to Limassol are available and tickets can be purchased at the airport or directly from the bus driver – further information can be found below:

Larnaca Airport

Paphos Airport

Bus Services

Public transport in Cyprus is limited to buses. There are inter-urban public bus services connecting major towns, urban buses which run within most larger towns and tourist centers, and rural buses connecting smaller villages to their nearest towns. Buses are not consistent in appearance, though the destination is usually displayed. Bus time tables and schedules are available from tourist offices or directly from the bus companies. Be aware that some services may stop early and there is limited bus service on weekends & holidays. Bus fare is paid directly to the bus driver; exact change is required.

Intercity Buses –

Intercity Buses operates direct bus routes to major towns of Cyprus. Every route is direct from one town to another or with an intermediate stop.

Travel Express –

Daily routes from city to city 7 days a week, with a pickup at the passenger’s premises and drop-off to the destination city.

Local Bus Route 30 –

Bus Route 30 serves the seafront road, 7 days a week, with a bus stop right outside the Mediterranean Beach Hotel.